Biometrics imageBiometrics technology is now widely used in the access control and time & attendance environments, and there are several ways in which this is done. The most common is with optical, E-field and capacitive sensors, which all look for the same information - the ridges on the finger - but differ in the way the reader acquires the information to measure against the recorded template.

Optical sensors take a picture of the finger and use the optical contrast to calculate the ridge and valley map. Like optical scanners, capacitive fingerprint scanners generate an image of a fingerprint but, instead of sensing the print using light, the capacitors use electrical currents. E-field sensors use an antenna array to measure the electric field beyond the surface layer of the skin, where the fingerprint begins. Additional technologies utilise infrared to map the vein image below the skin and can also be used separately or in conjunction with the true fingerprint.

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