Access control

Access control imageCombining flexible entry and egress control of doors, elevators, gates and turnstiles with powerful schedule plans and distributed intelligent remote controllers, SSD Access control systems incorporate all elements a user may expect, together with a range of innovative functions.

SSD offer a wide range of access control solutions various suppliers from a simple audio or video entry system or an entry level card access control for small and medium size businesses up to complex networked access control systems for large organisations operating over multiple sites across the country. A single card can be used to gain or restrict access to buildings, offices or rooms with detailed reports an access card can be traced and audit reports created.

Netaccess-based systems set new standards, with extensive system features that allow the Security, Building and IT Manager to integrate all aspects of the modern building or organisation. Modules incorporate computer access, internet access, time & attendance and asset management, as well as engineer call centre functionality.

These system modules, together with the introduction of event planning and ERP (Emergency Response Planning), allow managers to control and integrate a whole range of diverse systems. Supporting the system modules is a powerful report generator and a unique Netaccess profiler.
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